Sale, and Thanks Courtney @ Bookish Babes!

Morning all!

LLB Kindle edition is on sale on Amazon for the next few weeks – grab it while it’s $3.99!!

Thanks go out to Courtney at The Bookish Babes for an awesomely thorough review – and as always, continuing to provide me with trusted reading materials 🙂 Sorry to be only getting to this at the end of summer!

Love (Comma) Linebreak

Sometimes distance and timing can get in the way of what would otherwise be. What if you got that second chance?

That’s what Sarah Reder is asking herself when Kellan Parker, an ex-friend, an ex-maybe-something-more, is suddenly back in her life, even if it’s only for a weekend. Will she ditch her stable but boring boyfriend Ben? And what will Kellan do about his live-in yet absent girlfriend Alice?

Sometimes the shortest time periods can feel like the longest moments. Will one weekend be enough time to fix five years of silence, or will it just bring all the old fights back to the surface?